To resolve your problems with haemorrhoids


There is a solution for a taboo that affects most of us

Hemorrelax is a premium product that comprehensively resolves the problem. It does not focus only on alleviating acute symptoms, but also treats and soothes haemorrhoids, and has a preventive effect. Immediate relief from the unpleasant symptoms of haemorrhoids is provided by the unique combination of biotechnological peptides and hyaluronic acid together with healing and soothing extracts of oak bark, horse chestnut, pot marigold, chamomile and aloe vera.

hemorrelax krem cipky box

Hemorrelax rectal suppositories and cream

  • Eliminate bleeding and pain in the rectal area
  • Provide immediate relief from burning and itching
  • Helps painless bowel movements
  • Accelerates healing of acute and chronic wounds
  • The effective ingredients, which work in the same manner as botulotoxin, relax convulsive muscle contractions
  • Thanks to the unique combination of peptides, hyaluronic acid and plant-based ingredients, the products have antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic effects

Hemorrelax Suppositories, 10 pcs.

Medical product

Usage: Application once per day is recommended. The length of use depends on the development of symptoms; if necessary, rectal suppositories can be used long-term. 

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Hemorrelax krem box2

Hemorrelax Cream, 30 g

Medical product

Usage: It is recommended that the cream be used in the case of persistent problems and as prevention for maintaining comfort.