To resolve your problems with haemorrhoids


How does Hemorrelax work?

Non-invasive peptides with a botox effect are indisputably one of its most effective weapons.


Application of botulotoxin is commonly used to treat haemorrhoids. Thanks to its myorelaxation effect, botulotoxin has proven successful as a means of treating haemorrhoids and other disorders affecting the rectal area.


The Hemorrelax line of products in the form of suppositories and cream work on this principle. These are medical products that serve not only to relieve symptoms, but also to treat and prevent haemorrhoids. The effect is comparable to treatment with botulotoxin.


Hemorrelax peptidy 3D

Effect mechanism

work like botulotoxin and help to alleviate convulsive contraction of the anal sphincter muscle


moisturises and regenerates damaged epithelial cells in tissues, maintains the health of the skin and mucosa

support healing, moisturise, soothe and hydrate

Effective ingredients of Hemorrelax products:

Hemorrelax peptidy ico


Peptides Peptides relax the anal sphincter muscle, which significantly helps painless bowel movements even in chronic states of illness. The occurrence of pain and unpleasant feelings is thus reduced and the healing process is generally accelerated.  

Hemorrelax dimetikon


A lubricating ingredient that forms a fine film on the surface of the skin and thus helps to prevent the formation of minor fissures and serves for healing existing wounds.

Dimethicone softens, moisturises, protects and eliminates irritation.


Hyaluronic acid 

Hyaluronic acid has moisturising and regenerative effects. It maintains natural moisture as well as the health of the skin and mucosa. Its main purpose is intensive hydration, regeneration of damaged epithelial cells in tissues and wound healing. 

Hemorrelax dubova kura

Oak bark 

Oak bark is known for its powerful astringent effect, which stops bleeding and thus supports healing of the widest range of wounds and fissures.


Horse chestnut 

Horse chestnut is important due to its anti-inflammatory effects, helps to strengthen blood vessels, and has regenerative and astringent effects.


Pot marigold 

Pot marigold is praised for its anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing effects on the skin.



Chamomile soothes and hydrates, has a cooling effect and is anti-inflammatory.

Hemorrelax Cream also contains:

Hemorrelax panthenol

Panthenol (B5-provitamin)

Panthenol alleviates inflammation and soothes and regenerates the skin. 

Hemorrelax aloe

Aloe vera

Aloe vera heals and regenerates the skin

Hemorrelax zinek


Zinc provides rapid reduction of the manifestations of inflammation and contributes to the healing of fissures. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.